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Financial Services and Pension Scheme

Financial Services

Money isn't everything in life.  However, with certain financial protection, you can enjoy life more.  The basis of our financial services is an attractive salary.  But we don't just settle for that: apart from the statutory social benefits, it goes without saying that holiday, Christmas and voluntary child allowances are also included.     

At Indunorm, your commitment and passion are worth the effort.  We want our employees to take part in the development of our company.  Annual special payments, for example, allow every employee to perceive the economic success.  This is our way of thanking you for your special commitment, your top performance and the courage to strike out in a new direction.

Pension Scheme

We believe: those who are working for Indunorm today shall continue to benefit from their efforts even when they are old, which is why apart from the statutory pension scheme, we also offer supplementary retirement benefits.  Those who are interested will agree upon deferred compensation via our corporate group: Würth / Würth Group.

In addition to Indunorm products, we also distribute brand products: