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Valcon® Universal sealing plugs


1-10 mm
5-22 mm
13-42 mm
1-42 mm
Pieces per package
4x 1-10mm, 4x 5-22mm, 2x 13-42mm


Universally applicable for hose lines with an inside diameter of 2mm to 9mm / 5mm to 22mm / 13mm to 42mm; several integrated sealing edges for optimum fit; easy assembly and disassembly; Application in the temperature range from -25 ° to + 95 ° C; also suitable for ellbow fittings

Practical tip

The grippy, flexible material of the ValCon® service plug with its integrated sealing edges ensures an optimal fit in any hose and pipeline. Compared to commercially available products, the enlarged plug head in particular makes user-friendly assembly and disassembly possible in daily use; Insert, press, tighten, and done!

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