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The certified Indunorm seminars are ideally suited to train staff and to fill knowledge gaps.
Each seminar module is designed to provide practical and hands-on training.

More knowledge means more expertise

The commitment to lifelong learning has become one of the most important requirements during a person's professional life. Staying up-to-date and "in the loop" is especially important for technical and professional jobs. This creates more reliability and greater clarity in a world of change. 

Time does not stand still, even when it comes to the manufacture of high pressure hoses. The use of coordinated components, in combination with the right assembly and integration machine, is a complex process continuously enhanced by new technologies. This is why we leave nothing to chance and use the most modern methods of learning and conveying knowledge. Our seminars and workshops provide you with assistance, background information, and practical hands-on instructions. 

Everything is tailored to the needs of the machine users. Because the "human factor " plays a decisive role in the safe assembly and integration process. In the end, each assembled line is custom-made by hand. Our goal is for you to produce the highest and best quality possible.

„An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”.

Certified Indunorm seminars and workshops 

We offer a diverse and broad range of workshops and seminars. Newcomers to the industry find it easy to become familiar with the topics. Specialists and experts stay up-to-date in their specific field of expertise.

Current seminar programme

In addition to Indunorm products, we also distribute brand products: