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Frequently asked questions – FAQ's

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. 

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Can I review the current stock level of the items?


The availability of an article can be easily recognized by displayed symbols in our InduShop. As soon as you have logged in to the InduShop with your access data and selected a desired article, you will see the availability of this article. Total available stock quantities per item are not displayed. However, if you want to place a large order via the InduShop, we will be happy to support you personally in the sales department with further information.


Can I review the exact delivery times per item?


This is not possible at the moment. Variable factors, such as the stock level, the delivery address or the time of the order, influence the delivery time, so that this cannot be indicated per article.


What are my payment options?


At Indunorm, only purchased on account is offered as a payment method.


I need a smaller quantity of an article than the smallest purchase unit (PU). Can I still order this smaller quantity?


No, for some items purchase units (PU) have been set based on our experience and handling. If you cannot change the quantity into 1 piece for an item using the drop-down field, ordering a smaller number of pieces than the PU is not possible.


Can I review my open orders and arrears in the InduShop?


Yes, to review your open orders, delivery notes, invoices as well as credit memos, please log in to the InduShop with your access data first. Next to the search bar, on the upper right side of the screen, please click under "MY SHOP" on "Order History". Here you can easily enter a desired period of time and check your open orders, delivery notes, invoices and credit memos.


Can I review the stock of a hose in the InduShop and select individual hose lengths?


Yes, this is possible for all hoses that we offer by meter. In our online hose warehouse, you can view existing production lengths/cut lengths per hose type and select the desired hose length. Please log in to the InduShop with your access data and select a desired hose. Below the displayed price you will find the button "Additional selection". By clicking on the button, the extended quantity selection is shown.


Here you have the following options:

You can...
a) order a desired quantity of the purchase units specified by Indunorm.
b) order an individual desired length (exact cut).
c) select an existing length from our hose warehouse and save cutting costs. Therefore please enter your desired hose length and click on "Check available length". Available hose lengths will be displayed. Choose one or more lengths and click on "Add selected length".


Where can I find the contact details of my personal sales contacts?


To view the contact details of your personal sales contact, please log in to the InduShop with your access data. After the successful login you will find the contact data within the quick contact bar on the right side of the screen. Simply move the computer mouse over the icons and click on "To your contact persons".


What do I need Indunorm crimp charts for?


The Indunorm crimp charts provides you with an important information that you need for the production of a safe hose line. For the production of a safe hose line, other factors are relevant in addition to the crimp charts, such as the fitting system, the fitting that matches the hose, any skiving dimensions and the type of assembly control (final production control). The final production control of the hose line can be achieved with special Indunorm test gauges. If a check with the Indunorm gauge is specified, the bore collapse should be checked after crimping. The optimal bore collapse is essential for a safe hose line in this case. The crimp dimension given on the Indunorm crimp chart is always a reference value and must be readjusted until the optimal bore collapse is achieved.


Where can I download the crimp charts?


You can find the crimp charts for download here: https://www.indunorm.de/en/Service/Downloads/Crimp-charts


Is it possible to download a datasheet for each product?


Yes, a datasheet can be created for each article. To do this, simply enter the desired article number into the search bar or click directly on the desired product in the InduShop. Then you can generate a datasheet on the right side by clicking on "Create datasheet". The datasheet will be opened as a PDF file in a separate window.

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