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Safety is a matter of trust. It protects people's lives in worst case scenarios.

The Joint-Fit® system makes it possible to produce hose lines that you can sell to your customers in good conscience. 

"Play it safe" with Joint-Fit®

The unique Indunorm Joint-Fit® safety system makes it possible to produce hose lines of the highest quality - with reproducible integration results. This is irrespective of the manufacturing tolerances of the component manufacturers, which are permitted according to the standards. Additionaly a manufactured Joint-Fit® hose line fulfills the Professional Association Guidelines (DGUV 113-020, former BGR 237).

The pressure pulse tested system of hoses and fittings by Indunorm, in conjunction with the pneumatic projectile cleaning of the interior of hoses and pipes, and our patented nipple collapse testing capabilities and the machining with precision machinery surpasses even the highest quality standards. The quality of the joint-fit hose assemblies clearly and reproducibly exceeds the standards according to DIN EN ISO 982 Machine guideline, EN ISO 1402, DIN EN ISO 6803, DIN 20066. This makes Joint-Fit® - and with that your hose lines - unique on the market!

Why? Safety is a matter of trust, minimizes outage times of hydraulic systems, and protects people's lives in worst case scenarios. That are just some of the reasons why we, the company Indunorm Hydraulik Gmbh and our partners, do not accept any compromises when using Joint-Fit® to produce hose and pipe assemblies, just as with the quality of our components.

Triple Safety for Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics

Coordinated system components 

  • European quality manufacturers, guaranteed by pressure pulse tests acc. to
    DIN EN ISO 6803

Optimal production of the hose line

  • Current crimp dimension tables
  • High-quality compression, crimping, and cutting tools
  • Cleaning components of the pneumatic hose and pipe cleaning using projectiles

100% end-of-production inspection of the hydraulic hose and pipe assemblies

  • Gap-less, comprehensive testing with the help of specially designed patented universal gauges - immediately after crimping, they indicate whether the hose line is pressed under, over or optimally. Depending on the test result, corrections can be made by adjusting the crimp dimension adapted to the tolerances.

In addition to Indunorm products, we also distribute brand products: