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Global Sourcing

As a supplier we are looking for a long-term partnership with you!

The reliable supply of our system-partners and customers with a wide range of high-quality products demands a close cooperation with dependable national as well as international suppliers. Therefore, we set special value on close long-term business relations with selected strong partners to obtain a collaborative and sustainable growth.


If you notice irregularities or violations in relation to our "Supplier Code of Conduct", please contact us via the email address supplychain@indunorm.de.

Together with our partners it is of special importance to us to break new and innovative grounds with logistic supply concepts. Fast, flexible and firm replies with respect to our inquiries, accurate delivery on due time and a competitive cost/performance ratio are essential for a successful cooperation.

Furthermore, it is within our cooperates self-conception that a developed and secured quality system and enthusiasm for innovation with respect to technical, logistic and communicative aspects are further important constituents of this common goal.

Our buying/supply focus in the field of hydraulic connection technology is:

  • hoses
  • fittings
  • hydraulic pipe
  • hydraulic oil
  • adaptors and cutting ring fittings
  • quick release couplings
  • rotary connections
  • valves
  • ball valves
  • fasteners like clamps etc.
  • measurement technology
  • sealing technology
  • safety products
  • machines for processing hydraulic connections

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