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Crimp charts

Our crimp charts are an important step on the way to safe and reliable hose assemblies from Indunorm. Regardless of manufacturing tolerances of the components manufacturers, Indunorm makes it possible for you to generate reproducible integration results using our Joint-Fit® system. This means your customers always receive the same and safest quality.

Current crimp charts

Hose types

Data status


XV-textile hoses


PMT Textilgeflecht (256.3 kB)

XV-MXT Gates hose


PMT XV MXT-Gates (633.3 kB)

XV-braided- and 4SP hoses


XV-braided- and 4SP hoses with railway approval according to EN 45545-2





XV-thermoplastic hydraulic hoses


XV-PTFE hoses


PMT PTFE-XV (421.2 kB)

HAN with ISOFLEX 6000


HV/HI-multi spiral hoses


PV-multi spiral hoses


XJ-700bar thermoplastic hydraulic hose

12.16 (2)

V8 industrial hoses V8-MP and V8-UNIVERSAL with XV fittings


ValCon® hoses with VC-fittings


General information

The crimp charts specify reference measurements. After each integration, the connection for the correct nipple diameter and deformation should therefore be checked and re-pressed as needed. How well the nipple is crimped is "the measure of things" for the coordinated hose and fittings system. Because the perfect fit and integration of a hose assembly can be reliably and safely demonstrated only in the interior of the fitting. Typical condensation points behind the socket or even major damage to the integration of the hose assembly are now optimally prevented. 

Please use our straight test gauges for reliable control of the nipple deformation. With our patented Joint-Fit® universal test gauges, even curved fittings can be checked for the proper nipple collapse or deformation - this is unique on the market! This is used to gradually achieve a perfect result and defines new quality and safety standards on the hydraulic market! 

Our technicians and engineers from the Testing & Development department make sure every day in our own laboratory that our customers can assemble the safest and most reliable hose lines possible. For this purpose,the hose and fitting system is subjected to a continuous process of innumerable pressure pulse tests according to EN ISO 6803, making sure they are safe, reliable, and up-to-date.

In addition to Indunorm products, we also distribute brand products: