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Complete catalogue

Our new catalogue includes lots of new products. You can find there completely new chapters, e.g. hydraulic pipes, hydraulic oils and machines for the assembly of hose lines.

Below you can download the various chapters of our complete catalogue.



Systems and services

Hoses and accessories

01_Schlaeuche (12.9 MB)

Hose fittings (universal)

Hose fittings (multi spiral & others)

Hydraulic pipes 

04_Hydraulikrohr (2.7 MB)

Pipe clamps

05_Rohrschellen (1.1 MB)

Metric fittings (24°)

Other Fittings 

07_Verschraubung (12.9 MB)

Flange adapters (SAE)

Plug-in couplings

Screw couplings

Multi couplings

Ball valves and valves

Rotary union

Measurement equipment

14_Messtechnik (7.8 MB)

Hydraulic oil

15_Hydrauliköl (1.4 MB)

Machines for hose and pipe assembly

16_Maschinen (1.7 MB)

Technical attachement

17_TA (1.3 MB)

Technical changes reserved

In addition to Indunorm products, we also distribute brand products: