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Customer information on the corona situation

We have already received inquiries as to whether we can continue our business activities to the usual extent in the current coronavirus situation.

New hose and fitting system (No-Skive)

Indunorm is now offering a new hose and fitting system in which the multi-spiral hoses do not need to be peeled. The result: faster and easier crimping of hose lines.

New check valves in the range

Indunorm now offers two types of check valves in its product range. Single and double pilot operated check valves. They are important components which are mainly used in hydraulically operated machines. Check valves are, for example, standard components in dump trucks, lifting platforms, excavators and handling machines. Single pilot operated check valve

New hose reel HSP7R-2

Hose reels allow easy storage of hydraulic hoses. Due to their time- and space-saving function they are an important part of a professional hydraulic workshop. Indunorm now has a new, optimised hose reel in its range. In addition to improved materials, the new 7-way HSP7R-2 offers above all improved handling for the user.

ERP system upgrade

As Indunorm we have always been committed to provide the best possible services to our customers. That’s why we have decided to upgrade our ERP system.

New range of hoses for railway applications

Indunorm now offers various railway hoses that comply with the EN45545-2 standard and are suitable for a wide range of railway applications.

App to date with Indunorm

The newly programmed Indunorm App is now available to Indunorm customers - in addition to a free scan function, other functions are included to make day-to-day business easier.

The assistance provided by Indunorm's ServiceLine goes beyond help in cases of emergency

How do I prevent hose crimper downtime? To hydraulic service companies, it is of vital importance that their hose line and pipeline production machines work efficiently while being permanently available.  Especially in the event of hose crimper breakdowns, good advice is expensive.  Every practitioner knows from their own personal experience ...

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