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Catalogue of crimping equipment

We stock a very wide range of machines for the hose and pipe assembling sector in our range. We have hose crimpers, cutting machines, test bench, pipe-bending machines, flanging machines, machines for the pre-assembly of pipes, and much more.

Here you can download our current machine catalogue.



Index, profile, news

1_Einleitung (1.1 MB)

Crimpers (IP-series)

Various Crimpers

2_Pressen (4.6 MB)

Cutting machines

3_Schneiden (1 MB)

Brushing-, peeling- and embossing machines

4_Vorbereiten (529.5 kB)

Decoilers (storage)

5_Lagern (247.9 kB)

Joint-Fit – the safety system for hose assemblies

6_Jointfit (284.5 kB)

Interior hose cleaning ,  accessories

7_Reinigen (533.9 kB)

Test benchs

8_Prüfen (1.4 MB)

Various assembly instructions

9_Montieren (482.4 kB)

Pipe bending equipment, Pipe bending device

10_Biegen (553 kB)

Flare device

11_Bördeln (525.2 kB)

Cutting ring assembly device

12_Vormontieren (146.3 kB)

Interior pipe cleaning,  accessories

13_Reinigen (406.1 kB)

In addition to Indunorm products, we also distribute brand products: