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About our hydraulics seminars

Continuous education and training is an important investment. 

The "human factor " plays a decisive role because in the end, each assembly is custom-made by hand.
Our hydraulic seminars provide you with practical guidance and training so that you can produce very good quality - with certainty! 

Certified Indunorm seminars and workshops: Customized hydraulics training, upon request directly at your location.

We offer a diverse and broad range of workshops and seminars. Newcomers to the industry find it easy to become familiar with the topics. Specialists and experts stay up-to-date in their specific field of expertise. The use of coordinated components, in combination with the right assembly and integration machine, is a complex process continuously enhanced by new technologies.

Everything is tailored to the needs of the machine users. Because the "human factor " plays the decisive role in the safe assembly and integration process and is the responsibility of the manufacturer. In the end, each assembled line is custom-made by hand. Our goal is for you to produce the highest and best quality possible.

Target groups

  • All employees associated with manufacturing or selling hose assemblies and components in the field of high-pressure connection technology, hose and pipe assembly/connection technology, or pipe connection technology
  • Engineers, foremen, service technicians, and skilled workers with basic knowledge of hydraulics
  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups

Seminar topics

  • Production of hydraulic hose assemblies
  • Hose assemblies in practical use
  • Intensive training of the core competency hose and pipe assemblies
  • Applications, hazards and physical principles of hydraulics
  • Qualified person for pressure hazard


Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance after successfully completing the seminar, which certifies the knowledge obtained in the form of a certificate.

In addition to Indunorm products, we also distribute brand products: