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Intensive Training of Hose and Pipe Assembly Core Competency


The designers of hydraulic systems are responsible for dimensioning hoses and pipes. The proper installation of hoses and pipes requires that appropriate tools and equipment are available and the installation staff is trained. Without these prerequisites, fitters or assembler have no chance of installing a hydraulic system that is permanently leak-free even when applying the utmost care. 

Today's modern systems require specialized knowledge and diligence in handling the materials in relation to the selection of components that are of importance for the technology associated with and required for assembly and installation. Indunorm Hydraulik GmbH offers you competent, expert support and assistance in this area.

Because a system should not only work but must be safe and reliable as well, we pay particular attention to the practical implementation of various regulations and laws. Operators of machines with hydraulic systems are responsible for the safe use of the machine and thus the safety of people and the environment. They are liable for accidents and damages. A person trained in this field with practical experience actively supports the operator. This seminar lays the foundations for the "qualified person." The corresponding test, however, must be taken separately. 

The number of seminar participants is kept as small as possible to ensure learning and training can be individualized and intensified. This makes it possible to fine-tune the contents to the strengths and weaknesses of the participants. We take you forward from where you are and do not just practice what you already can do.

Target group

Newcomers to the field

Prerequisite skills and/or knowledge

None. Technical training is an advantage.

Seminar contents

The following contents will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for all important topics concerning selection, production, and installation of hose assemblies:

Hydraulic hose assemblies:

  • Technical safety requirements
  • Identification of hose and connection type
  • Dimensions
  • Execution
  • Cleaning inside of pipe
  • Sealing types, sealing in accordance with the standards

Cutting ring and flanging:

  • Requirements for pipe fittings
  • Operating pressures
  • Installing cutting rings
  • Adapters and flared couplings

Pressure hierarchy:

  • Operating, testing and burst pressures
  • Pressure gradients and pressure peaks
  • Safety issues/elements

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Quick couplings
  • Ball valves
  • Rotary unions
  • Pipe and pipe clamps, etc.


Available upon request


5 days in one block


Available upon request


Available upon request


Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance after successfully completing the seminar, which certifies the knowledge obtained in the form of a certificate.

If you are interested in this seminar please contact us. We look forward to your request.

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