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New pilot operated check valves in the range

6 February 2020

Indunorm now offers two types of pilot operated check valves in its product range. Single pilot operated check valves and double pilot operated check valves. They are important components which are mainly used in hydraulically operated machines. Pilot operated check valves are, for example, standard components in dump trucks, lifting platforms, excavators and handling machines. The main task of the valves is, as the name already suggests: To hold a load in the defined position to prevent it from sagging.

Advantages of pilot operated check valves

In addition to the important safety function of ensuring the compressive stress in the cylinder, the pilot operated check valve offers another useful function: the lowering speed of a cylinder under load can be precisely adjusted by finely dosed opening of the valve. The pilot operated check valve thus not only fulfils a safety function - it also contributes to improved handling of the hydraulic system. By making the lowering movement of the load more controllable, the weaker components of a hydraulic system are automatically relieved. They thus contribute significantly to extending the service life of hoses and sealings.

New products

You can find more information about our pilot operated check valves directly in our onlineshop:
LHV-EW (single)
LHV-DW (double)


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